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ALUMNI Ian Potgieter


Proud owner of the community based fitness center, The FIT CLUB, Ian Potgieter is revolutionizing fitness standards and is challenging people every day to get FIT! With small group classes of no more than 10 people, The FIT CLUB team is able to individualize its’ workouts according to the needs of each member and even more every workout at The FIT CLUB is always different. No more over-crowded and repetitive classes! Ian is an advocate of the TRX Suspension Trainer and Russian Kettlebells. He believes that with these tools one can have intense workouts using natural body movements and most importantly strengthen the CORE!

Ian Potgieter is an internationally traveled fitness professional. Originally from South Africa he grew up and studied fitness. During his time in South Africa, he coached, trained and played professional sports. Since a young age to today, Ian is a proud business owner specializing in health and fitness workshops, hosting charity events for local communities, supplements, nutrition and training all over the World. Companies such as Disney, Royal Caribbean and Princess recruited Ian to operate and manage their fitness facilities onboard luxury cruise liners. Ian has a very simple yet affective approach to fitness. He believes in having intensity in all workouts, using natural body movements, and most importantly that everything starts and ends with the core. Ian uses his position in the fitness industry as his vehicle to help the community anyway he can, whether it is “Classes for Cancer”, food drives, or fundraising he believes a healthier community is a happier community. His motto in life and fitness is “the body achieves what the mind believes” and he pushes his members to have faith in themselves and to believe things into being! Follow his tri-angle to success and you will never look back ever again!