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ALUMNI Jessica Oltmans

SeaFit Studio

Jessica is a mother of four energetic children and owner of SeaFit Studio. She has twin daughters (8yrs) and two boys (5yrs & 6 yrs). She spends her free time hanging out with her family and close friends; swimming, biking, beach trips or cooking and arts & crafts. Jessica grew up in Northern California and moved to OC in 2000.

For almost 18 years she has made exercise and nutrition an important aspect of her life. She can understand and appreciate the benefits that exercise bring to our lives. Jessica was introduced to Lagree Fitness in 2008. She was inspired and challenged as a client and decided to become certified in Pilates and Lagree Fitness. The opportunity presented itself and in 2010 she opened her first studio offering Lagree Fitness method in San Juan Capistrano. She partnered up with a good friend and opened her second location in January 2012.

Jessica was first introduced to Lululemon when it was based in Canada and just coming to the US. She simply loved the unique style and simply the way it fit my body. She has pieces over 8 years old that she still wears today. The product and everything the company stands for inspires her as a busy mom, fitness instructor and a small town girl wanting to look and feel great in my workout gear!