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ALUMNI John Loftus

Run Your Potential

From an early age, John Loftus was involved in a variety of sports and gives credit to his mother as a physical education teacher, his outdoorsman father and hyper-competitive siblings. Primarily a marathoner in the late 70's during the first running boom, a triathlete in the 80's and road/mountain biker in the 90's, John qualified for his first Boston Marathon in 1981 but was unable to participate.
John re-ignited his Boston dream in 2007 by re-qualifying and ran the 2008 marathon at age 50 in 2:46 which was faster than his best time at age 21. Along the way he became a RRCA certified coach to help others run their potential through individualized plans exploiting strengths and improving weak areas. Coaching others to improve and achieve their goals has been extremely rewarding.
Through Run Your Potential, John has trained a wide spectrum of runners in California, throughout the US and in several other countries. Some are primarily interested in learning how to run injury free while others are more performance oriented .
John understands the complex dynamics of the running stride and conducts group and individual instruction on efficient running form. Often minor changes can eliminate problems that lead to injury while increasing performance.
John returned to Boston 4 times, climbing on the podium twice along with wins at other national events from the 5K to 50 mile ultra distance. Competition is a natural extension of his love of running. A joy of running found along the wilderness trails, beaches and hills near his home town of Laguna Beach along with sharing his passion for the sport with others.
So remember .. set your goals .. work hard play hard .. love the process .. stay positive .. Run Your Potential!!