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ALUMNI Lesley Fightmaster

Pacific Ashtanga and Yoga Works

Lesley met my husband in San Francisco. She was singing in a band and the drummer invited him to come and play with them. They started dating and were married four years later. Their first son, Indiana "Indy," was born in 2004 and they decided to move to Orange County where her husband grew up. His mother lives here and they wanted their son to grow up near a grandparent. Their second son, Stone, was born in January of 2007. Lesley graduated from YogaWorks teacher training in June of 2006 (shortly after she found out she was pregnant). She began teaching right away and loved it! She teaches about 15 to 20 classes a week now and leads Teacher Trainings for YogaWorks. She also teaches at You and The Mat in Laguna Niguel and Pacific Ashtanga in Dana Point.