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Ambassador Anthony Chavez

Anthony’s intention for himself and the world is crystal clear: “My hope is that all beings are happy and free”

It has been with his time at Freedom Personal Development that Anthony was introduced to Yoga and the transformative and life changing power of the practice. He believes Yoga to be the physical embodiment of personal and spiritual growth. Through his work as a yoga teacher and personal development instructor Anthony has been able to inspire, motivate, and give guidance to children and adults across the country all while most importantly having fun! He believes yoga, like life, should be practiced and taught from a place of abundance and not fear. “I truly believe we have everything we’ll ever need in this moment and in all future moments. If we simply remember to breathe deeply and operate from this space of abundance, everything falls right into place.” Moving freely on your mat from a place of personal power and clarity are the cornerstones of his yogic teaching philosophy. For Anthony this is where the real transformation happens. Our favorite part of Anthony’s story is that he lives the curriculum he so passionate teaching others. In 2013 alone, he cycled 24 hours straight (300 miles!) for charity, went on a Humanitarian trip to Kenya where he helped build an Orphanage, completed in and finished an Ironman, broke multiple performance records for Corepower Yoga, and married his beautiful wife. He accomplished all of this while delivering workshops and teaching yoga across the country. Anthony has been leading seminars & teaching yoga since 2009. He has also led numerous Yoga teacher trainings throughout California.

He's on the board of directors for the non-profit organization "With my own two Hands" which unites the yoga and sport communities to help orphans who are affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa.

“My goal here is to end all suffering, not just physically, but mentally as well. It’s to provide some real life tangible tools to experience peace, love, and freedom... and oh yeah, to have blast with it all!”