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Terry Shorter - ALUMNI

Before entering the fitness world, Terry Shorter took center stage in the entertainment industry. Shorter was a successful singer-songwriter/music producer and dancer, which is why it came as no surprise when this endless list of talents translated into an even more inspiring and influential master fitness instructor.
His passion to be a fitness instructor happened 10 years ago, when his beautiful wife, Tina, encouraged him to take some group exercise classes with her. Soon after that, he was hooked, quickly got certified, and became a master presenter for Turbo Kick. Terry and Tina, both became cast members for Turbo Jam in 2005.
In July of 2008, Terry desired something new; he knew with his talents in music and a drive for fitness, he had a good formula, “I’m a singer, songwriter, and I wanted to find something where I could integrate my passions,” said Shorter. Together with business partner Alex Isaly, they founded the fitness partnership B3 FIT, Inc. and created what the pair was looking for, “We basically took the best of our interests, blended them, stirred it up, and out popped R.I.P.P.E.D.- The One Stop Body Shock.”
Shorter is a constant pursuer of personal development and believes that if you help enough people first, you can achieve everything you desire. His passion to help others accomplish their goals is evident; he consistently invests time in his students and commits to getting to know them on an individual basis.