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Virginia Crowe - ALUMNI

I currently train clients, at their homes, parks or at local beaches in personal and group fitness settings. My passion for fitness has grown over the years due to several set backs and lack of confidence from doctors and people around me. I believe strongly that I can help people acheive their goals toward fitness and health in a fun, unique and exciting way. I pride myself on making all of my sessions and group classes different and fun. (never teach the same class twice) I am constantly researching new equipment, fitness trends and taking continuing education classes on everything from injury prevention to the next up and coming fad. I have a strong background in running and I have helped hundreds of people cross the finish line in their first race. I work with everyone I train as INDIVIDUALS making sure I address specific needs, injuries and goals.

I have had a rocky fitness past. I was not exactly an athlete in school, nor did I do anything really active after high school. Infact, I didn't start my passion for exercise until well into my 20's when I felt left out of my friends Saturday run/coffee dates. I discovered my love for running and entered several races. All of that was put to a halt when I broke my leg in 1999. 2 surgeries and 2 years later my doctors told me I wouldn't run again, but I proved them wrong and since have run 1 marathon and 8 half marathons, as well as several 10k's and Mud Runs. The other set back I had was my 76 lb weight gain when I was pregnant with my son. Post Pardum depression and the discovery that my son had Autism were also set backs, but I have pulled through and feel that I am in the best shape of my life. Let me help you get there too! I am here to answer any of your questions!