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Jen Vogel


Jennifer has over 10 years experience in endurance sports and personal training. She has intimate knowledge of training the body—and the mind. As both a triathlon and a run coach, she inspires passion and leads by example. She pulls heavily from her strength and conditioning background to incorporate speed, agility, power and strength enhancement into her athlete’s regiment. Her holistic mind/ body approach to training revolves around nutrition, periodized training, cross training and flexibility to help keep athletes injury free and achieving their goals. An accomplished ultra-marathoner, triathlete and 2011 All American Triathlete, Jennifer is a huge proponent of practicing what you preach.

Jennifer has shared her passion by crewing and pacing numerous athletes in ultra distance races, including the famed 135 mile Badwater Ultramarathon. Her Coaching highlights include successfully getting athletes to the finish line of some of the worlds toughest events, including:

?Badwater Ultramarathon
?Marathon de Sables
?Racing the Planet Series
?Canadian Death Race
?Pinhoti 100 Trail Run
?Leadville Trail 100
?Double Ironman
Whether your dreams entail running your first 5k, Triathlon, 50k, or setting a Ironman or 100 mile PR, Jennifer will be the catalyst to start you on your own journey.