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Jo Shott


Jo Shott is our local sunshine that loves the sunshine. In fact, most days you can find her running around town wearing her favorite SUNNY logo from Jacksonville Running Company (JRC) where she shares ownership with her husband, Owen and business partner, Ted DeVos. Her passion is finding ways to educate people on a healthy lifestyle through running (proper shoe wear), biking, swimming, yoga, and just moving! She believes if you can find a way to get yourself moving you will be amazed what it can inspire. Jo has called Jacksonville home for 23 years and has big plans to work through JRC and lululemon to inspire people to reach out and touch the lives of our next generation through means of exercise and goal setting. On the side Jo works for Philips Healthcare, selling Womens Health mammography equipment for hospitals and clinics throughout Florida. Breast Cancer runs rampid through her family and community and she has a passion to see the day where breast cancer statistics go down and breast cancer survival rates go up! Stay tuned, stay active and stay connected in what great things lie ahead for our sunny ambassador, Jo Shott.