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Vicki Sullivan


Dr. Vicki Sullivan discovered her passion for fitness and wellness as a teenager working out and teaching at a small family run boxing gym in Va Beach called Wareings' Gym. This spark led to a long journey of education in nutrition and fitness at University of Florida, Gainesville where Vicki became a registered dietitian, completed her MS in exercise physiology, and her PhD in nutrition science. After teaching at the University of North Florida and spending the next 10 years teaching workshops across the country for health professionals, she founded Body Balance Institute (BBI), a studio for innovative movement, including Pilates, Gyrotonic and nutrition and a continuing education center for fitness professionals . Vicki became a master Pilates Trainer for Balanced Body, the largest Pilates Education company in the world, and BBI became the North Florida host site for Balanced Body in 2009 and in 2011 for Anatomy in 3 Dimensions, a hands on interactive anatomy course. Currently Vicki and BBI are developing a wellness program for the PGA TOUR at Sawgrass, Ponta Vedra. The VERY best thing about Body Balance Institute is the exceptional, caring, AMAZING staff who constantly strive to provide the most up to date innovative services possible.
Vicki's goals for the future are:
To support the creative geniuses in the world and their innovative movement ideas that are always a little ahead of their time, and to try to bring their brilliant work into the here and now. This includes, Joseph Pilates, Juliu Horvoth/Gyrotonic, Feldenkreis, and Powerplate technology among others.
To continue to reach out and network with other businesses, organizations and people to create great positive things (the possibilities are endless!) in Jacksonville that none of us could ever achieve alone.
To teach and to learn forever! To pass on the work that has been generously passed on to her. To keep that knowledge river flowing. To help others who have the passion to teach accomplish their goals, and find the same joy that Vicki has found through helping clients and students improve their knowledge, their health and their lives every day.