Bernard Ave

Chelsea Ray

I was lost, I had just finished my Psychology degree and was ready for a "real" job, yet I felt I was missing something as though there was more out there for me then what I was living. Only having dabbled in Yoga, teacher training seemed overwhelming yet alluring, with borrowed courage and a few kind word from my man I took the training… for my personal practice. As my passion for Yoga grew so did my desire to share it. Scary, fulfilling, indescribable, life changing, grounding, freeing, expanding; these are only a few things I have come across on my journey. Yoga has given me access to that something else I was searching for not knowing I had it the entire time, now I work to cultivate that voice inside myself and help others hear theirs. Now finished a Holistic Nutrition degree... Read the profile >>

Pam Rader

Shift Power Yoga

Pam has been a popular and passionate yoga teacher in Kelowna for 14 years. After an injury caused her to make a shift from fitness instructor to the world of teaching yoga Pam experienced a complete transformation by immersing herself in the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga system. The real results that she experienced in body, mind and spirit practicing this powerful style of yoga fuelled her desire to help others experience the transformative power of Baptiste Yoga. She has since completed many trainings with Baron Baptiste and the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute; first in Vancouver, BC; then Tulum, Mexico; Austin, Texas and Fort Worth , Texas. She remains in ongoing training with Baron Baptiste and is grateful to be a part of such an inspiring community. Pam is a Certified Baptiste... Read the profile >>

Shauna Nyrose

Top of the Mat

Shauna is an enthusiastic vinyasa yoga teacher and creator of Top of the Mat, a business coaching, mentoring and marketing management platform for yoga teachers and studios. ‘I took my first (Bikram) yoga class after the birth of my son and was overwhelmed with the physical challenge and the unparalleled sense of freedom I felt after the practice. I was hooked. I didn’t know then how discovering yoga would profoundly change my life path but the spark had ignited. I began to question everything and to search for ways to create more meaning in my life.’ Nine years later, Shauna continues to practice and pursue an intentional life. Since completing her initial teacher training with Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini of Maya Yoga, HI she has become a popular local yoga teacher,... Read the profile >>