Ketchum : Sun Valley Showroom

Sandi Hagel

YMCA/Gather Studio/Zenergy

Sandi Hagel, L.Ac is a licensed acupuncturist, yoga instructor and nature lover. Originally from the Midwest, Sandi gravitated west to pursue her love of the outdoors as well as an ever-expanding education. She recently returned to Ketchum after spending half of 2013 working in Thailand and continues to exhibit her LOVE to travel as well as her willingness to expand on her life experiences. All in all, Sandi continues to evolve and likes to keep things exciting by being both a wisdom and thrill-seeker!

Sandi has been practicing Chinese Medicine since 2006 and is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the 5-element tradition. She also uses her shamanic studies with Soncovia, a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a keen intuition to help guide her healing practice both on the table and on the mat.

Her yoga practice began over 15 years ago and she has been teaching since 2003. Sandi’s practice is based in vinyasa and she creates a well-balanced, flowing sequencing of asana which will help you gracefully meet your edge. Sandi uses music and sometimes heat to aid in ones ability to turn her/his yoga practice into a fun and sacred dance.

Sandi has been living in the Wood River Valley for over 10 years now and is passionate about her work as well as being an outdoor enthusiast. Sandi, being a Libra, strives to devote equal time to both and live a balanced life. She’s beyond grateful that Sun Valley provides her this possibility. Therefore, when not in the office, on her mat or hiking with her dog Luci, you will find Sandi riding powder on Baldy or better yet, the singletracks woven throughout our beloved mountains.