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Amy Carolla


Amy Carolla is the co-owner of Balance Chestnut Hill, a personal training studio in Philadelphia, which won Best of Philly – New Gym in 2009.

Amy is a graduate of West Chester University with a B.S. degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Nutrition and has a certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is a former health and physical education teacher and the strength and conditioning coach at Springside School, a private school for girls in Philadelphia. Amy also became a certified Madd Dog Spinning Instructor in 2010.
With a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology, a minor in nutrition, and a personal training certification with National Academy of Sports Medicine, Amy thrives on helping people reach their fitness goals while also helping them build a strong foundation for a healthier lifestyle. Understanding that exercise is only part of the package for a well-rounded lifestyle she focuses on using a combination of strength, cardio, flexibility and nutrition to aid in developing a healthy and balanced mind and body.

In 2008, she opened Balance Chestnut Hill, an exclusive personal training studio in Philadelphia. The concept in creating Balance Chestnut Hill was finding a way to be set apart from the mainstream gyms that flood the health and fitness industry. Amy wanted to ensure that private setting was provided for clients to make everyone feel comfortable while working out. In addition to providing top notch personal training, Balance also prides itself on it's diverse and intimate in size Group Fitness Class offerings, all created and supervised by Amy.

In 2009, Balance was named Best of Philly and now has become a destination where people can learn and practice a healthy way of living.

Amy's experience in training is diverse, having worked with so many different populations, but her approach is simple. Her training method concentrates mostly on functional movements and body weight exercises: training the body in its natural ability of movement. When creating an exercise program, she focuses on using a combination of strength, cardio, flexibility and nutrition to aid in developing a healthy and balanced mind and body. Having knowledge and experience in nutrition and rehabilitation, Amy puts her mind and heart together to create the foundation for Balance which is built on hard work, dedication, and passion for the health and wellness of others. Her motto is YOU are your best investment! She truly believes that improving the physical well-being carries over to all areas of life. Amy finds it extremely gratifying to watch the transformation of her clients and the improvement in the quality of their lives! She believes that all of her clients are success stories, approaching every client differently according to their goals. Her clients have achieved significant weight loss, overcome cancer, accomplished extraordinary athletic success both on the college and professional levels.

Amy is also a triathlete and enjoys competing the half Ironman distance as well as the sprint and Olympic distances. Her biggest accomplishment thus far, has been giving birth to her daughter Giulia! After Giulia’s birth, twelve weeks ago, Amy created a postpartum 90 day challenge that she is completing along with clients and others from all over! During her pregnancy Amy created a healthy pregnancy blog, where she wrote about her journey through this exciting time and how she was maintaining exercise and nutrition. The blog caught on and has been viewed by thousands, who continue to follow her postpartum journey!