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Amy Schramm

Amy Schramm is a registered yoga teacher with over 300
practical hours of training.
She completed her teacher training out of Laughing Lotus
in New York City studying directly under Dana Flynn and
Jasmine Tarkeshi. She has also completed her Yogic Arts
Level one teacher training with Master Duncan Wong.
In addition she has practiced with Sharon Gannon, David
Life, Baron Baptiste, Shiva Rae, Edward Clark, Naime
Jezzne, Vinnie Marino, Dharma Mittra and Kirsten Young.
From each one she has learned different approaches to
her yoga practice and works to combine pieces of each
into her classes.

“I believe art, music, and a little physical exercise will
cure what ails you. If you don’t need a cure then just let
it take you to that next place. The place where your mind
is open and anything can happen. A world can change with
an idea, a color, a word, or a new breath. There is no
greater freedom than expressing yourself. Creativity is
a gift and a choice. We give it to the young when we
believe in it ourselves and we choose it when we
realize it is what our soul calls for.”

“I believe yoga should be fun. It has given me more self
confidence than anything I have ever done. It has taught
me that if you try hard enough and practice, you can do
anything you want to do. It’s just a little commitment, some
persistance and a love of what you’re doing. I love to share that
with other people. I think if you connect with it, it will
change you for the better, forever.”