King of Prussia : King of Prussia

Debra Bosna

I am so excited to be Lululemon’s November’s Ambassador of the month representing Stillpoint Yoga in King of Prussia! This is such a beautiful time of the year as we prepare (and hopefully embrace) the transition from autumn to winter. I love that during these dramatic seasonal changes Mother Nature creates an explosion of color to remind us that change, and life, is beautiful and always evolving. The month of November also brings my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. A day where I share time with people I am grateful to have in my life. And the to-do list is simple: fun, food, friends and football! I am thankful for a life that allows me to be surrounded by family and friends who constantly inspire me to grow and evolve as life moves from one day to the next, one season to the next and literally, from one posture to the next.
The word “thanks” is directly related to how and why I chose to embrace, practice, and teach yoga. The first yoga class I attended was a super hot, fast paced Power Yoga Works vinyasa class lead by Bill Raup. Being a total beginner- I was totally lost. Between being drenched with sweat, the funky yoga tunes, the crazy Sanskrit names for the postures, and the fact that I didn’t know which was up half the time, I was a mess! But, at the end of the practice, I laid flat on my back on a hardwood floor and had never felt more alive. Tears streamed down my face and one phrase kept moving through my mind and heart- ‘thank you, thank you, thank you…’ I was feeling gratitude in a profound and life altering way. Some may say that I was experiencing grace. It was a pivotal moment when I felt connected to myself in a way that I didn’t fully realize could exist. I felt deep appreciation and gratitude for the fullness of love in my life. The yoga postures created an explosion of sensations in my body that lead to an evolution in my mind and spirit. This gift was the springboard in my life going forward as a yogi!
About a year later I was accepted into a teacher training program with Cassandra Kish of Vidyaa Power Yoga in Bucks County, PA. Since completing my training I have studied with numerous teachers who have all enhanced and contributed to the teacher I am today. I am currently working toward completing my 500-hour Pranakriya Yoga Teacher Training program with Yoganand Michael Carroll. Yoganand has been a driving force in the expansion of my understanding of the true purpose of yoga. I am honored to be assisting him in leading the 200-hour Pranakriya Yoga Teacher Training at JAI! Yoga this fall and I am inspired by this amazing group of students who will one day become MY teachers!
This month I look forward to all of the exciting events Lululemon and Stillpoint Yoga have created for you. What a great opportunity for us to connect and expand our practice, perspective and relationships with each other!

Stillpoint Yoga Studios (Debra’s classes)
Monday and Wednesday- 9:30am Vinyasa (all levels)
Friday- 9:00am- Restorative Yoga!
6-7pm- Men’s Yoga
Saturday- 9:30am- Beginner’s Yoga
11:00am- Vinyasa (Int. / Adv.)