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Maria Di Camillo


An energetic and enthusiastic certified yoga teacher, Maria is skilled through 14 years of experience in practicing yoga and 8 years of teaching. Having completed her 200-hour certification with OM Yoga in New York City in 2005, Maria attends many workshops and retreats and studies with world renowned teachers. Maria is the Yoga Director at Hockessin Athletic Club.

With a mastery of the techniques, language, alignment and philosophies of yoga, Maria fosters the creative sequencing of fluid asanas and dynamic dance. She cultivates approaches that empower students to gain a deeper understanding of self, to integrate breathing and movement, and to grow in strength and flexibility. Maria is a grounded and balanced teacher who promotes transformation and the natural connection between mind, body and spirit while encouraging and preparing her students to discover and develop their individual, creative exploration of yoga.

Maria invites you to join her classes, and she looks forward to assisting you evolve in your journey toward inner peace, balance and ananda (your supreme joy and complete blissful happiness).