Aaron Vasily

GoodLife Fitness

Although the path that Aaron took to get to where he is now is a curious one, it has inspired his everyday practice and presence. His teaching experience began with Group Fitness, where he then discovered his passion for yoga and the balance it brought to his training and life. After undergoing a series of trainings since 2011 in a variety of styles, it seems that he has found his comfort in working up a sweat and focusing on the awareness of a physical practice. Leading primarily a Hot Power practice Aaron brings out his light hearted sense of humour, paired with his military background into the space which makes for an interesting experience. Aaron has crushed some of his fitness goals with the support of the local lemons and loves to be seen in the store educating guests. He takes... Read the profile >>

Andrea Barrow

GoodLife Fitness

Andrea Barrow has dedicated her life to her family and fitness. She uses her passion for fitness to empower others to find their own inner “fitness athlete”. As a mother of three busy girls, a high school teacher, volleyball coach and Group Fitness Instructor, Andrea uses each opportunity to ignite the passion within others. Andrea started her fitness career in high school. She was hooked after her first workout and has never looked back. Andrea completed her degree at Queen’s University in Health and Physical Activity, became a Certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Weight Loss Specialist, Zumba Instructor, Schwinn Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Fitness Kickboxing Instructor, plus BODYATTACK and RPM certifications with LES MILLS. Andrea uses her... Read the profile >>


Studio 330

dallas’ classes deliver a fluid, strengthening, healing experience to each yogi in the room, regardless of experience level. She can deliver an all-levels class like no other. This yoga is beyond a strictly physical experience, it is meditative and emotionally freeing. She creates safe-space, where students are encouraged to take chances, re-energize, and try new things. She is often the teacher first time students return to, as her instructions are clear and relatable. Though her tone is calming she never takes class too seriously. Students love her reassuring hands-on adjustments, and practical sequencing – you‘ll leave feeling invigorated and restored. dallas is grateful for her wealth of education, particularly from her ytt co-teacher, Kathryn Flynn, and friend, Seane Corn.... Read the profile >>

Kyla Smith

GoodLife Fitness

Born: Kingston Ont KGH April 30th 1971 Schooling: Winston Churchill public school LCVI Philosophy major queens U hairdresser at St. Lawrence college Employment: fitness industry since 1999. Fitness experience: High impact aerobics Step Kickboxing Circuit Skipping classes Yoga mind body Indoor Cycling 20+ years in the best career ever Now: Personal training TRX Athletic training Cycling Step And Ironman 11x around Personal passions: Husband, family and dogs Retirement dream: Rescue center for dogs Read the profile >>