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Amy Yunger

Amy has been teaching a variety of Group Exercise classes for over 20 years yet first stepped into a yoga studio in 2002 . There she began taking classes with lululemon Alumni Ambassador Silvia Mordini. Silvia had a way of making everything seem accessible, even the “tricky” poses; Amy was hooked from that point on.

When she began teaching yoga in 2005 at her local YMCA, her goal was to make yoga available to anyone at any level and to make it fun. Laughter is always a welcome addition in one of Amy’s classes.

Amy teaches a blend of Vinyasa and Power Yoga and encourages students of all levels to challenge themselves while maintaining a sense of humor and “embrace their wobble,” just have fun and play. She tends to focus her classes on the inner athlete in all of us, whether it be strength or flexibility.

In 2012, Amy was voted Best Yoga Instructor in Knoxville by Cityview Magazine. Amy can be found teaching at Real Hot Yoga and The Practice Yoga and Wellness studios in Knoxville. In addition to teaching at studios around town, Amy is proud to work with the YMCA of East Tennessee teaching both yoga and group exercise classes.