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Cindy Coats

Real Hot Yoga

Yoga has been a long-time passion for Cindy. She attended her first yoga class in 1998 and was hooked. In 1999 when she began traveling extensively for work she packed her running shoes and a yoga mat and looked to running and yoga to keep her sane, happy, and fit wherever she went. In recent years, with a lighter travel schedule she took her yoga practice to a whole new level and began practicing 3-5 times a week in a studio environment.

Seeing the need for a great yoga studio in West Knoxville, Cindy completed her RYT-200 training in early 2012 and decided to partner with a friend to open Knoxville’s first state of the art hot yoga studio. Cindy limits her teaching schedule so she can be available as much as possible to offer support, guidance, answer questions, and share her long-time passion of yoga.