Las Vegas
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James Wong

The FitLabs

James Wong is the owner and founder of The Fit Labs, Studio 222 Personal Training Centers, 222 Evolve, and The Reset Project. Armed with the philosophy that strong partnerships are the cornerstone of a healthier life, Wong is committed to helping clients strengthen partnerships with their own bodies, lives, minds, spirits, and ultimately their communities. Having earned the well-respected Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) credential from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), James combines a lifetime of athletics, over 8 years of training in Muay Thai and boxing, and 25 years of hotel and restaurant management experience to create The Fit Labs. Our training is based on the philosophy of the foundation that everyone is an athlete 24/7 and you must constantly enhance and develop... Read the profile >>

Jen Knox

Blue Sky Yoga, LVAC

Jennifer Knox enjoys challenging people to step outside their comfort zones and discover life without the limitations we set for ourselves. Prepare to invert, laugh and let go. Why not have a little fun upside down?! Practicing yoga since 2001, she began teaching in 2006. Influenced by many different disciplines of yoga, most heavily in vinyasa, she attached quickly to the Ashtanga system with its incredible strength and discipline. Just recently, she finishing her last training with Tim Miller. Read the profile >>

Kelly Millaudon

Shine Alternative Fitness

Kelly has called Las Vegas her home since 1994. She began her professional performance career immediately following her graduation from the State University of Buffalo, New York, having majored in English Literature and Dance Performance. She pursued a career in dance while living in NYC which then led to gigs on cruise ships and several tours abroad. Work in Las Vegas eventually beckoned where she was fortunate to be utilized as a dancer/showgirl/lead understudy in shows like “Enter The Night”, at the Stardust in Las Vegas; “Imagine” at the Luxor in Las Vegas and many others. Kelly maintained her interest in acrobatics throughout her dance career and began focusing on that element in the late 90’s. Her aerial career began with the harness, bungee and Spanish web... Read the profile >>

Kris Blunt

Vegas Gone Yoga Festival

Kristina Michelle Blunt, affectionately called Kris, has been a mover "literally and figuratively" upon entrance into this world. Her loving and supportive mother noticing her flair for movement enrolled her in dance lessons as a child. Dance was the beginning of finding form without words, expressing soul through movement, in addition to exploring the curious and bewildering nature of Self. The love of dance led Kris to spectacular parts of the globe, allowed her to perform with renowned dance companies and eventually to the healing practice of yoga. Kristina’s career has enabled her to travel worldwide to Belgium, China, Germany, Greece, Italy, Korea, Monte Carlo, Paraguay, Russia, and Spain. She performed in famed venues such as Russia's Bolshoi Theater, New York City's Carnegie... Read the profile >>

Willow Withy

Salix Studio

Salix? (say-lix) It's the latin name for "Willow". Willow Withy is an artist and yoga instructor based in Las Vegas, Nevada.You may even see her on your way to Las Vegas from California (she's on the giant billboard at our Primm Outlet location)! She received her arts degree in Interdisciplinary Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is a 500 hour registered yoga teacher (RYT). Art & Design: Willow sold and displayed her first works of art at age 8 and has since continued with publishing and displaying works locally and internationally, commercially and independently. She is recognized in the art and design community for her use of conceptual visual communication. Corporate Design Clients Include: Albertson's, Colour Republic, Costco, HEB,... Read the profile >>

Zach Forrest

CrossFit Max Effort

Zach grew up in New Hampshire with a love of sports - through high school he played baseball, basketball, lacrosse, football, soccer, and alpine skiing. It was this love of being physically competitive that ultimately drove him to his first career choice in the Navy as a SEAL operator. His military experience honed and further developed an already strong work ethic, mental discipline, and ability to be a team player. In 2005, preparing his body for overseas deployment, he found CrossFit and used it to train other SEALs in preparation for combat operations. In 2008, after leaving the military, Zach moved to Las Vegas with the intention of bringing CrossFit to the masses. He has owned and operated three CrossFit gyms locally, with CrossFit Max Effort being a joint venture with... Read the profile >>