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Maylo Anderson

Life Spring Med Spa

After spending over 20 years in television and many years speaking to women all over the nation, Maylo found herself struggling with an auto-immune disorder that took over 9 years to diagnose. “It was in that very first Yoga class where I began to experience mobility and vitality again. I knew that was the beginning of an incredible healing process for me.”

More than a decade later Maylo’s passion for Yoga has led her to study under some of the nations most respected instructors. Having completed the year long intensive teacher training with Christy Burnett of The Yoga Alliance…..Maylo received her 200 hour certification (RYT) and she is currently working towards the completion of her 500 RYT certification.

Her commitment to her students, along with her sense of humor and compassionate nature has resulted in a loyal following. “I do believe that the many years I struggled with my health left me with great empathy for others. There is a certain grace…a tenderness that grows out of existing in a broken place. To be part of somebody else’s journey blesses me….this is why I teach….because I continue to learn as well….”

Maylo enjoys spending her free time with her husband, her friends and an overly affectionate Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Beatrice. “I can’t remember when I have been this at peace. Yoga has been such a gift for me I can’t help but want to share!”