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Susan Rodriguez

Core Energy KC

"Community with intention, support, and connection is what drives me to offer Core Energy Yoga to everyone. Love of movement, fitness, and athletics has been in my life since I can remember. I was active in dancing and skiing through most of my life, and I'm now sharing that love with my family as my children learn to ski too.

I attended The Cooper Clinic in 1995, which began my personal training/aerobic instruction and wellness path as I worked at health clubs and private personal training studios. Baptiste Yoga entered my life August 2012 and my life shifted. Baron and Baptiste Yoga opened my life to new possibilities, physicial and mental awareness, but most of all the ability to stay present. During training my life opened even more when I met Sid McNairy from Sid Yoga. Holding space as my mentor and friend Sid supports Core Energy and my practice. We will host Teacher Trainings, workshops, and hold Living the Dream in 2015 together.

I am more present in my life, with my family, my children, friends, and community. As my practice grows the space grows within it, then radiates outward. I am so excited to see what all of us can create together. Our community will support local charities through KC Yoga Project and abroad through Africa Yoga Project. When positive energy and positive actions surround you, your life can and will shift."

• Susan has completed Level I, Level II, and Art of Assisting through Baptiste Yoga Institute. Susan is looking forward to traveling and working with the Baptiste Team as an Assistant. Susan will apply for Baptiste Apprentice Program and become an inspired Sid Yoga Studio in 2014.

Susan is inspired to leave a legacy for her kids Aiden and Addison, build a community that shines through the MidWest, and empower others while creating peace and awareness.