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Erik Rose

Excel Gymnastics and the OM place

Erik Rose began training in the field of acrobatics in 2004 where he discovered a fascination with movement and the capabilities of the human body. Shortly after he accepted a position at Excel Gymnastics where he is now head coach/manager of the tumbling program and a senior coach for their competitive gymnastics team. Always searching for a challenge, Erik took his first yoga class at a nearby Bikram studio in 2009 where his passion for movement quickly expanded to encompass yoga. After exploring a variety of disciplines, he entered into a yoga teacher training program at The OM Place yoga studio in 2012---the same studio where he has been teaching class since June. Erik's slow flow classes seek to help people find their strength by exploring the intricacies of the human machine.
When not on the mat Erik likes to hike, holds rank in Capoeira, and is the co-founder of Kentucky Trickers, a group of local acrobats, martial artists, dancers, and movers of all types that train together weekly to share creativity, inspiration, and ideas. In addition to his physical pursuits, he graduates in December with a BA in liberal arts and will move on to pursue an MFA in jewelry and metalsmithing.
Erik hopes to use his variety of backgrounds to show the world that movement can radically alter the way we lead our daily lives and vastly improve the quality of our relationship with the human experience. His 10 year plan is to share his inspiration internationally as a traveling performer.