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Heidi Guckenberger

Girls on the Run, Urban Active, Fit

Heidi's passion for fitness started with her interest in step aerobics while in high school. As an overweight child she often felt sluggish and alienated from her friends. After her first group exercise class, she was hooked! She loved the energy and spark she got from attending classes. Soon, she moved from taking class to teaching class. With 17 years of experience, Heidi loves new formats and teaches almost everything she has time to learn -- step, yoga, boot camp, strength training, kickboxing, spinning, muscle madness, senior classes and mat Pilates. She is passionate about motivating participants to take it to the next level to reach their goals. Ask any of her spinning class participants to tell you about a "Heidi hill".
After years of fearing running, Heidi decided to jump right in and train for a half marathon. The rest is history. Running serves as her own mediation time or time to catch up with her running friends. It is her first choice for physical activity and there isn't a day that she doesn't look forward to hitting the pavement for a run. In fact, her 3rd date with her now husband was a half marathon. Not only are there amazing physical and health benefits, but the emotional and mental benefits Heidi receives cannot be underestimated. Of course, it also balances her love of chocolate!
With the birth of her two girls, Heidi realized the need to encourage girls to find their own inner voice and to build a healthy lifestyle. She quit her corporate job to direct an organization that is dedicated to helping girls become healthy and self confident.