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Kate Dorvel


Kate Dorvel didn’t discover yoga until she was an over-worked, over-stressed, over- anxious Bostonian at age 24. An unplanned participation in a vinyasa class at Back Bay Yoga in Boston opened up a whole new world to her that continues to amaze her every day!
Kate currently lives in Paris, Kentucky and is the Health and Wellness Director at the Paris Bourbon County YMCA. She has a Master’s Degree in Nursing and is a Board Certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. She is YA RYT-200 certified from Back Bay Yoga in Boston, Massachusetts. She teaches a Level 2 Vinyasa Class at Barefoot Works Yoga in Lexington. Her classes incorporate a challenging flow, a playful spirit, an open heart all to nurture a connection with oneself. Kate invites all of her students to deepen their self awareness through yoga, so that they may bring it to all that they do. She tries to bring a combination of athleticism and grace to her mat and to all that she does.
Kate loves a lot of things, but most of all she loves: her family (Mom, Dad, Brother and Jax), her man (Craig), her dogs (Daisy Doodles and Kiboko), her cat (CatCat), the ocean (Atlantic preferably, but she isn’t particular), to cook (anything), to eat (anything), to drink (red wine), to travel, to laugh (a lot), to smile (as much as possible), to hug (big bear hugs!), to nap (siesta every day is her vote!), to be outside, to run (not fast), to hike, to walk the dogs (or have the dogs walk her usually), to swim, to garden and to read (recommendations always encouraged!). It’s all yoga to her!
She feels honored to be an ambassador at lululemon Lexington and is very much looking forward to sharing yoga with all who open their hearts. She can be reached at kdorvel@gmail.com.