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Matthew Higdon


Matthew Higdon is a modern yogi and therapeutic bodyworker. With well over 1000 hours of training in the somatic and healing arts including extensive Vedic Thai-Yoga Bodywork, Advanced Lymph Drainage Therapy, combined with 7 years of private practice; he is a well qualified initiator for mind/body healing and personal transformation. He collaborated clinically for over 3 years with advanced registered nurse practitioners specializing in behavioral health using structural yoga and bodywork interventions for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other emotional, behavioral and physical challenges. He has helped people from all walks of life find greater quality of life and peaceful embodiment through manual therapy, posture, breath, and conscious relaxation.

When he began daily yoga practice at age 24, Matthew had poor posture, drinking and smoking habits, impure diet, very little exercise experience and as a result very weak, inflexible, and unhealthy tissues. Having studied anatomy and physiology to become a massage therapist just prior to diving into yoga, he grew his practice and incrementally deepened his understanding over time with yoga and bodywork. Because of this, he is especially capable of meeting students and clients where they are and offering appropriate tools to take the next steps toward sattvic health and quality of life.

Offering yoga and bodywork workshops in numerous yoga communities and teaching weekly classes while maintaining a clinical practice locally, Matthew shares his quirky sense of humor and accessible yet subtle tools for mindfulness, healing, and transformation. His teaching is informed by the experiential awareness and healing potency of mindfulness, daily yoga practice, and rigorous study and application of numerous therapeutic disciplines.

A connoisseur of states of consciousness, dialogue, yoga styles and healing modalities, Matthew has studied with many renown and potent teachers. Some of his inspirations and teachers include: Doug Keller, Kali Ray, Mukti, Swami Satyanand, Dr. Bruno Chikly, Dharma Mittra, Ken von Roenn III, David Swenson, Amanda McMaine, Annie Carpenter, Brock & Krista, Elena Brower, Kathryn Budig, Ana Forrest, Candace Pert, Tom Meyers, Gil Hedley, Amrit Desai, Jill Bolte Taylor, Joseph Campbell, David Bohm, Jiddu Krishnamurti and many others.

His vision is to share appropriate tools for finding and embodying greater mindfulness, creativity, balance, strength, and flexibility in all spheres for all walks of life. He seeks to empower dialogue and bridge building between yoga and health-minded community to help foster the illuminating flame of self and group inquiry for conscious evolution. When Matthew isn't trying to help others find freedom from poor posture and destructive trance states, he can often be found sitting or hand-standing in nature, enjoying ice cream, dialoguing about consciousness, and/or chortling with family and friends.