London : Covent Garden

Celest Pereira

While Celest was working her first job at a gym, she found her calling. Walking past the yoga studio and seeing the beautiful postures seamlessly linked in a never ending dance to the music of the attendees breath, she found spellbinding, and was hooked!

She continued on her path to university, gaining a BSc in Physiotherapy and saving all of her student loan for yoga teacher training in India. As soon as she came back, she launched herself into full-time teaching and has not looked back since. She is now a regular contributor to world famous Yoga Download blogs and has had an article published in Om Yoga Magazine. In addition to teaching in top London venues she has also been invited to teach at the Yoga Show, Vitality Show and Mind, Body, Spirit Festival’s in London.

This obsession, that she carried with her all her life, is now home. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga have helped her to blossom in her life and it is her sincerest desire is to pass this magic on to the people she teaches.

In addition to teaching and practicing yoga, she is also trained in the martial art Capoeira and is a member of the Guarini Dance Company.