London : Covent Garden

Emily-Clare Hill

Emily trained as a Vinyasa Flow teacher with the renowned Frog Lotus School of yoga, studying her first 200hrs in Costa Rica under the teachings of Vidya Jacqueline Heisel and Jennifer Yarro. She then went on to further her training in India where she spent 2 months soaking up and learning the culture from the home of yoga.

Emily says "I take on the challenge of teaching yoga in London each and every day with a dedication and intention to find a better stronger, more balanced self. By choosing this as my career, it is my role to find a little calm for people in the storm that is London city. I offer the opportunity to tangle the body into some obscure shapes through the practise of yoga whilst keeping the mind calm, (often easier said than done, one of the reasons we call this an ongoing practise) and therefore using this as a reflective tool to find that same calm when being faced with the entanglements of life. Through a strong dynamic asana practise, I encourage people to look for space and freeness in the body with a union to free up the mind, and free the spirit. Yoga allows us to become aware to feel more and think less".