London : Covent Garden

Faisal Abdalla

Barry's Bootcamp

Faisal has the most infectious energy, which he passes to each of his clients in class to give you an extra boost. He always remembers your name, especially when he wants you to turn up the intensity. Faisal always ends his classes with the affirmation "Positive Mental Attitude". 'PMA' is a motto he lives by and does his best to encourage people to live this way as well. It's not just a workout at Barry's Bootcamp, it's a lifestyle!

He has a passion (maybe addiction) to trainers and is building quite the collection.

Faisal's classes challenge your stamina and your attitude and you'll always leave drenched in sweat with a smile on your face. We admire Faisal for his unwavering positivity and spirit. Faisal will elevate not only your workout, but also your outlook.