London : Masonville Pl.

Kari Schneider

What’s your full name?
Kari Schneider

Where did you grow up?
Dryden Ontario (way up in the sticks) mostly, but also Sioux Lookout and a couple of years in private school in St.Paul Minnesota.

When and where did you first fall in love with yoga, sports or athletics? How did you get involved? How did it make you feel when you first began?
My Dad was always watching sports of all kinds so I did too and then I got into any sport I could depending on the availability... running, figure skating, skiing, basketball, softball, soccer, weight training, horseback riding etc. I was always really small so I could be picked last for a team in school or people didn’t expect much from me so it always felt good when my ability exceeded their expectations! This motivated me to work really hard. If I wasn’t in sport I was always very active and needed the physical outlet. I first tried Yoga as a video in University and loved the challenge! I love the intensity of sport and training. I love the release of yoga and the balance it helps me to find.

What is your background (education, training, etc) that allows you to do what you do today? How could somebody else learn to do what you do?
I have an undergrad in physical education and a Master’s of Science degree in kinesiology (biomechanics, ex phys). I am a certified strength and conditioning specialist (NSCA), a certified exercise physiologist (CSEP), and a Certified Athletic therapist (CATA). I am a technical level II Olympic lifting coach too. Despite the degrees and certifications, the experience working with clients and athletes is imperative to learn the art of coaching. Start by earning a degree then learn as often as you can from as many people as you can!!

What do you appreciate most about London and its community?
I am relatively new here and feel like the community is so welcoming. I feel connected friendships with people I have only recently met! Really good, giving people!

What is the most important thing you would tell a beginner in your field?
When you think you know a’ve just begun. Keep learning about what you know and don’t know and keep questioning everything to deepen your understanding!

How do you cultivate a regular, useful practice yourself? What do you do on a daily basis that supports your pursuit?
I have to set regular goals or challenges (a race perhaps... Rock the Road whoo hoo!). I weight train 3 times/week, run 3 times/week and practice yoga 1x/week. I am a Mom and have a business so I can’t always fit in everything I’d like to but do my best!

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