London : Masonville Pl.

Lisa Shackelton

While yoga has been a passion for the last twelve years, it was my dance lessons at age four that had me hooked on movement. Seventeen years of dance training evolved into a decade of teaching aerobics, dance, and a lot of ultimate frisbee. When a yoga teacher taught after my rigourous step class I was curious to check it out. I quickly noticed improvements in my strength, agility, and mental focus and kept returning to the quiet strength of yoga. That curiosity which began in 1997 has steadily evolved into a regular practice of Iyengar, Bikram, Moksha, Ashtanga, Pilates, and Mindfulness Meditation yoga.

Fast forward 12 years and I’ve returned home to London. I am in the process of rehabilitating a cervical spine fusion. After my car accident I had a lot of time to reevaluate how I wanted to live my life and what really matters. As I worked through the healing process I made a promise to myself that I would reprioritize my life, align with my values, and focus on self-acceptance. Hence, the plan to create the Yoga Shack was underway.

I spent five weeks in Kerala, India receiving Moksha yoga training and have spent the last year completing teacher training in Yoga4Kids, Pre/post Natal, Mindfulness Meditation, and Stott Pilates. Today I know first hand the power of yoga and Pilates to assist in the healing of injuries and I appreciate every opportunity to share this with our students. Yoga, Pilates and meditation helps heal the body and the spirit and led to me to develop our mantra: Accept Yourself. This is the journey that I’m on and I hope that others may want to join me. Peace