Lone Tree : Park Meadows

Jen Holdren

Orange Theory Fitness

Jen Holdren is a nationally certified personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is currently a Team Captain and teaches at Orange Theory Fitness, which is a heart-rate based studio. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to work in the community and motivate people to change their lives. She loves teaching clients, ranging from pro athletes to first timers in the gym, the benefits of heart rate based interval training. Her passion is to help clients find the “fun” in working out and living a healthy lifestyle.

Jen played professional indoor and pro-beach volleyball for over 10 years. She has coached volleyball at all levels and still plays for fun. She enjoys anything outdoors, including the water, running, tennis, softball, skiing and yoga. She is married with two big boys and loves to volunteer with her family through church. She is honored to have been chosen an Ambassador and inspired to reach as many people as possible through fitness.