Lone Tree : Park Meadows

Tonya Zwaanstra

Tonya's objective as a yoga instructor is to help her students become more resilient. She believes that each time you roll out your mat and practice yoga you become a little stronger and a little more flexible. She feels that the process of yoga awakens deep levels of energy within the individual, which helps you develop both strength and flexibility throughout your body and within yourself, so you're better able to skillfully adapt in any given life situation.

Through her background in psychology, love of mythology and symbolism, Tonya sees yoga as a personal journey, an adventure in understanding and awakening to your authentic Self. Tonya's resiliency journey
has included: graduating college and working in sales and management for a large corporation, earning a Masters in Counseling Psychology and establishing a private practice, having two kids, training in, teaching, and practicing Hot, Vinyasa and Power yoga, and learning from the adventure of her first half century of life.