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A Chicago native, Emilie discovered Vinyasa Yoga in 2004 at her hometown's Moksha Yoga Center, embracing the practice for its ability to harmonize her body and mind. Emilie found that her daily practice evolved well beyond her mat, becoming the missing link that instilled self-esteem during times of exploration and patience during times of expectation. Emilie is certified with Yoga Alliance after completing both the Yogaworks' 200-hour teacher training program and her additional 300 hour with Senior teacher Joan Hyman. She has extensively studied eastern philosophies abroad. Recently named lululemon Ambassador for their Robertson store, she is planning for in-depth study with the internationally renowned Tiffany Cruikshank, as well as her own retreats, workshops and special appearances, in 2013.

As a teacher, Emilie finds inspiration all around her - in nature, in LA street art & music, and in her students. Her amazing teacher, Jerome Mercier, constantly reminds her of the importance of teaching with integrity by incorporating the history and lineage of the practice - as well as the experiences of her students - into the classroom. Emilie's classes offer a vigorous Vinyasa Flow with a strong focus on intention, alignment, Svadhyaya (self-study), and laughter. She seeks to give everyone the opportunity to connect to their own inner guidance and believes that the lessons of yoga are applicable in our everyday lives. Expect to sweat and smile as you uncover your own power and inner peace.