Market Street

Danielle Roback

Studio Poise - Lynnfield

"I am true believer that if you have confidence in yourself, and if you work hard, you will achieve all that you want in life. From a very young age I always pushed myself to excel at the things I wanted to do and accomplish. In time, I learned that I am just a person - like everyone else. I’ve had my fair share of losses, disappointments, and mistakes; all of which have made me stronger and eager to be better, and in doing so, discovered how much I wanted to help make others better too. I hope to inspire and push individuals to their limits in the best ways that I know how, and to ultimately help them reach their goals that they never thought were possible." Danielle is a certified and experienced group and personal fitness instructor, coach, and choreographer. She has been... Read the profile >>

Jacob Bosse

The Club - Boston, Drive Health & Fitness - Methuen, Latitude - Salisbury

Jacob Bosse (aka Yoga Jake) is a student of yoga. At the early age of 7, Jacob began to study martial arts where he was first exposed to meditations and the discipline of a balanced mind and body. This early exposure allowed for a familiarity when he curiously first stepped onto a yoga mat after many years of participating in athletics and weight training that had physically left his body in disarray. On his mat, he not only found a release physically, but mentally it brought forth a patience, tolerance and understanding of his life that he had never before encountered. Enthusiastic for technology, he professionally enjoys his work at a high tech company and engaging in a daily practice allows for a space to reboot, place the iPhone aside and prepare him for what he faces in a fast... Read the profile >>

Julie Wetherbee

Soul Powered Yoga - Reading, MA

“Compassion is something you can develop with practice. It involves two things: intention and action. Intention simply means you remember to open your heart to others; you expand what and who matters, from yourself to other people. Action is simply the ‘what you do about it.’” – Richard Carlson, PH.D. I’m a Boston College graduate with a B.A. in Communications and have worked many jobs in marketing and television broadcasting. I’m always on the go and have little time to just relax or do something for me. So, when a friend first introduced me to yoga in 2009, I was a bit skeptical. My type A personality and the fact that I had been a dancer since the age of 3 made me think…’I don’t know if yoga is for me.’ But to my surprise after my first class I was... Read the profile >>

Willa Worsfold

Empower Yoga - Beverly, Mantra Yoga - Danvers

Born in NYC, raised in the Berkshires and schooled in the Midwest, Willa found her yoga soul in Chicago after the birth of her second child. It was there that she discovered the power of Astanga, the alignment of Iyengar, the lift of the Universal Style and the beauty of Community. Though an athlete her entire life, debilitating back pain led Willa to explore yoga's multiple styles - through regular practice in the lofted Chicago studios and advanced workshops with Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, Anna Forrest, Shiva Rea, Seane Corne, Dharma Mittra, Daren Friesen (her first teacher), Paul Weitz, and Quinn Kearney. However it was moving to Boston and being introduced to David Magone and the Pranavayu Style that organized the body, mind and spirit the most for Willa - helping her make... Read the profile >>