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Danielle Roback

"I am true believer that if you have confidence in yourself, and if you work hard, you will achieve all that you want in life. From a very young age I always pushed myself to excel at the things I wanted to do and accomplish. In time, I learned that I am just a person - like everyone else. I’ve had my fair share of losses, disappointments, and mistakes; all of which have made me stronger and eager to be better, and in doing so, discovered how much I wanted to help make others better too. I hope to inspire and push individuals to their limits in the best ways that I know how, and to ultimately help them reach their goals that they never thought were possible."

Danielle is a certified and experienced group and personal fitness instructor, coach, and choreographer. She has been involved with the health and fitness industry since 2002, and a dancer and athlete since childhood. A National cheerleading champion at the age of 9, Danielle’s competitive drive for success and perfection was instilled very early on. Her 20+ years of classical ballet and dance training are also major parts of the discipline she penetrates in all aspects of her coaching. With a passion for unique and innovative choreography, Danielle creates a fun and effective fitness and athletic environment that puts a smile on the faces of all clientele - from children to the active adult.

Danielle opened the doors of Studio Poise in May 2012 in pursuit of her lifetime dream of having her very own studio. At Studio Poise, she encourages grace, athleticism, and happiness for clients at every level. The studio’s signature class, Poise, is her own creation – a fusion of pilates, dance, light weight training, isometrics and athletic conditioning that transforms the entire body. The Poise Method has evolved into several different versions including Poise Fusion, Poise Bootcamp, Poise Stretch & Tone, Poise & Grace, and Poise Sport.

Danielle challenges many of today’s fitness trends and concepts while creating routines, classes, programs, and events of her own, in addition to the local favorites such as ZUMBA® Fitness, which she has been teaching since 2008. She holds many other certifications and licenses including Pilates, TRX®, VBarre Method®, Piloxing, personal training, and fitness nutrition. She values the mind/body practice and concepts of pilates above all else, and aims to incorporate it into everyday fitness and athletic regimens.