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Jacob Bosse

Jacob Bosse (aka Yoga Jake) is a student of yoga. At the early age of 7, Jacob began to study martial arts where he was first exposed to meditations and the discipline of a balanced mind and body. This early exposure allowed for a familiarity when he curiously first stepped onto a yoga mat after many years of participating in athletics and weight training that had physically left his body in disarray.

On his mat, he not only found a release physically, but mentally it brought forth a patience, tolerance and understanding of his life that he had never before encountered. Enthusiastic for technology, he professionally enjoys his work at a high tech company and engaging in a daily practice allows for a space to reboot, place the iPhone aside and prepare him for what he faces in a fast paced, demanding outside world off the mat.

Practicing everywhere and anywhere he could, he realized this was only the beginning. Influenced early on by Bikram Couderohy, he later drew his attention and furthered his practice under the direction of Baron Baptiste, completing over 200hrs of training in the Baptiste Power Yoga methodology. In parallel, he pursued even more training with Claire Este-McDonald and Gregor Singleton, co-creators of Divine Play Yoga, participating in a 500-RYT program. He will always be a student of the practice and believes there is always another edge to find as he consistently continues his trainings.

Yoga has also led him down many new paths and has served as the nucleus for many charitable and voluntary projects. Through his teachings, Jacob has worked to support Pediatric Brain Cancer Research with as well as launching a program serving The Boys and Girls Clubs teaching yoga to inner city youths.

His teaching today allows for yoga as a practice to be accessible to everybody and encourages exploration and creativity for students to find their own unique practice, in a non judgmental, comfortable space, that will leave spirits ignited and energy levels high to open new doors in our everyday lives.