Lynnfield : Market Street

Willa Worsfold


Born in NYC, raised in the Berkshires and schooled in the Midwest, Willa found her yoga soul in Chicago after the birth of her second child. It was there that she discovered the power of Astanga, the alignment of Iyengar, the lift of the Universal Style and the beauty of Community. Though an athlete her entire life, debilitating back pain led Willa to explore yoga's multiple styles - through regular practice in the lofted Chicago studios and advanced workshops with Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, Anna Forrest, Shiva Rea, Seane Corne, Dharma Mittra, Daren Friesen (her first teacher), Paul Weitz, and Quinn Kearney.

However it was moving to Boston and being introduced to David Magone and the Pranavayu Style that organized the body, mind and spirit the most for Willa - helping her make sense of the move across the country, healing her back injury and, like all meaningful experiences (if we're lucky) - bringing clarity to her life. Now Willa is one of David Magone's Senior Pranavayu teachers, having completed multiple teacher trainings with David as well as with the Pranavayu Philosophical Advisor Lama Migmar Tseten of the Sakya Intistute for Buddhist Studies and Harvard University, both in Cambridge, MA.

Willa loves to travel and has taught yoga and meditation retreats in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, as well as Italy. When her busy family life allows, she enjoys assisting David Magone with advanced trainings in both Boston and on the North Shore, including the upcoming Teacher Training at North Beverly's Empower Yoga this Septmeber 2013.

PranaVayu is a cutting-edge style of vinyasa yoga which utilizes logical sequencing, skeletal positioning and beautiful meditative practices to increase your strength, range of motion, and sense of centeredness on the mat and in the world. PranaVayu is grounded in one simple philosophy: Change your Body, Free your Mind. Willa teaches a unique and challenging style of PranaVayu accompanied by refreshing alternative music, a slightly unfiltered sense of humor and poetic inspirations. Classes close with a delicious 15 minute guided meditation and savasana to help you greet this day, this week, this life...anew.