Melbourne : Bourke Street

Marissa Frew

Marissa is the founder and director of Life Elements, creating health and lifestyle programs for niche groups and corporates. She has been a personal trainer specialising in flexibility, movement and re-alignment for over 6 years. She has a true passion for understanding and experiencing the energetic elements of health and how they support, nurture and develop the body and soul. After working as a model and presenter for over 12 years she combined her want to empower young girls as well as her love of vibrant living by creating the most amazing health and lifestyle programs such as Blessed energy and Fit to Travel. Blessed energy came about from her commitment as the health director at Model Academy Australia, supporting the health and empowerment of young aspiring models and recently launched Fit to Travel is making waves in the travel industry for it's specialised focus on the health and energetic wellbeing of frequent flyers. Marissa is an inspiring guest speaker, her positive energy and passion for all things that fuel the aliveness of healthy living oozes from her presentations. She is a writer and lover of all things that assist in creating a vibrant, energised and positively fuelled lifestyle.