Betsy Maxwell

New Level Personal Training

Betsy isn’t your average 28 year old female Aussie. She’s highly driven and itching for more out of life. After graduating uni with a degree in Exercise Science she spent six years running a successful personal training studio in Sydney NSW. Now she owns and runs her very own studio in Elwood Victoria where she helps many clients and trainers alike, achieve goals with their health, lifestyle, careers and relationships. Betsy has run many events including the infamous North Face 100km trail run in Sydney’s Blue Mountains where she finished among the top of her field. She is also a qualified NLP practitioner (neuro-linguistic programming) and lives her life helping others become as inspired, self-confident and resilient as she is. When she’s not running, you’ll find her... Read the profile >>

Jenni Morrison-Jack

Ihana Yoga

Jenni is a passionate yoga practitioner, qualified yoga teacher, teacher-training lecturer and founder of Ihana Yoga. Coming from a rhythmic gymnastics background, Jenni saw yoga as another beautiful and relaxing form of exercise until 2005, when her regular yoga practice guided her through a year of transformation and spiritual awakening. She now sees the holistic benefits of yoga in all levels of life. Her desire to share passion for and knowledge of this practice led Jenni to yoga teacher training in Mysore, India. She has spent 6 months altogether in India and in the Himalayas of Nepal studying asana, pranayama, yogic philosophy, chanting and Vipassana meditation. Jenni is committed to continuous study to be a better teacher to more people. In her yoga teaching Jenni combines... Read the profile >>

Jodi Boyd

Bala Yoga

Jodi is the founder, owner and principal teacher at Bala. Bala is the result of Jodi’s dream to bring a contemporary form of yoga, with its far reaching emotional and physical benefits to a new group of adventures. Jodi started practicing yoga over 18 years ago, to help control her asthma and enhance her sporting performance. When her career path led to television it was yoga that helped her cope with the stress and pressures typical of the industry. Yoga gradually became part of her life. She then went on to train and teach in Australia, Taiwan, NZ, Bali, Venezuela and Brazil, the diversity of these countries and cultures helped her develop a strong understanding of the various yoga traditions and let to the eventual development of Bala. Trained through Yoga Arts under the guidance of... Read the profile >>

Joey Myers


Joey's vision: To serve & inspire individuals who wish to reach their greatest potential... To unearth, relise & attain the joy & abundance that is right under our noses... To build & maintain a Strong, Flexible, Vibrant, Healthy, Radiant body and mind... Joey Myers delivers a Dynamic Power Flow Vinyasa Practice that offers space to anyone who wishes to explore movement, breath-work, chanting, meditation as well as other practice methods that assist with many of the associated benefits of yoga to help with increased strength, flexibility, mental alertness and cardiovascular endurance. Always in an inviting, inspiring and motivating environment. Read the profile >>

Nick Kirk

New Level Personal Training

Nick finished University in 2005 equipped with an Exercise Science degree, ready to take on the world. After 2 years abroad, including a stint as a Personal Trainer in a busy London Health club, He moved to Sydney and eventually took a management position in one of the biggest PT studios in the country, leading a team of 12 trainers. Formerly a rugby union player, It was here he shifted his energy and developed a strong passion for distance running, and completed his first of 11 marathons, including a 100km Ultra in 2012. He is currently training for the 2013 Melbourne Marathon. Nick is the co-owner/operator of TEAM Elwood with his fiancée Betsy. He possesses a strong enthusiasm to help people achieve any kind of health goal. "I believe that when you break though the barriers that... Read the profile >>