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Betsy Maxwell

Betsy isn’t your average 28 year old female Aussie. She’s highly driven and itching for more out of life.

After graduating uni with a degree in Exercise Science she spent six years running a successful personal training studio in Sydney NSW. Now she owns and runs her very own studio in Elwood Victoria where she helps many clients and trainers alike, achieve goals with their health, lifestyle, careers and relationships.

Betsy has run many events including the infamous North Face 100km trail run in Sydney’s Blue Mountains where she finished among the top of her field. She is also a qualified NLP practitioner (neuro-linguistic programming) and lives her life helping others become as inspired, self-confident and resilient as she is.

When she’s not running, you’ll find her in the weights room, reading a book or blogging. If you’re looking for some fitness motivation or simply just some inspiration to attack each new day, check out her writing at