Melbourne : Brighton

Jenni Morrison-Jack

Jenni is a passionate yoga practitioner, qualified yoga teacher, teacher-training lecturer and founder of Ihana Yoga.
Coming from a rhythmic gymnastics background, Jenni saw yoga as another beautiful and relaxing form of exercise until 2005, when her regular yoga practice guided her through a year of transformation and spiritual awakening. She now sees the holistic benefits of yoga in all levels of life.

Her desire to share passion for and knowledge of this practice led Jenni to yoga teacher training in Mysore, India. She has spent 6 months altogether in India and in the Himalayas of Nepal studying asana, pranayama, yogic philosophy, chanting and Vipassana meditation.

Jenni is committed to continuous study to be a better teacher to more people. In her yoga teaching Jenni combines the eastern yogic wisdom with the western anatomical knowledge to explain how students can activate their body’s own healing mechanisms. Jenni wants to share yoga with others and inspire by staying true to her own path.