Melbourne : Brighton

Nick Kirk

Nick finished University in 2005 equipped with an Exercise Science degree, ready to take on the world. After 2 years abroad, including a stint as a Personal Trainer in a busy London Health club, He moved to Sydney and eventually took a management position in one of the biggest PT studios in the country, leading a team of 12 trainers. Formerly a rugby union player, It was here he shifted his energy and developed a strong passion for distance running, and completed his first of 11 marathons, including a 100km Ultra in 2012. He is currently training for the 2013 Melbourne Marathon.

Nick is the co-owner/operator of TEAM Elwood with his fiancée Betsy. He possesses a strong enthusiasm to help people achieve any kind of health goal. "I believe that when you break though the barriers that limit self belief to achieve fitness goals, can open up opportunities in every other area of your life".