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Bianca Drieberg

Kaya Health Clubs, Goodlife, South Pacific Health Clubs

I credit fitness for the confidence and determination that I have in life today. I am 100% committed to fitting fitness into everyday lives, no matter how busy we get, and making that time be an experience worth sticking to. My day job is dedicated to my communications career, and my passion is teaching indoor cycling, Les Mills Body Pump and GRIT group fitness classes. The rest of my free time is spent running road and trail marathons. As a child, sport was the first thing I ever remember being good at, but when I hit the corporate world, training in the gym gave me a sense of control when the pressure hit, and has cemented making fitness a lifetime commitment that I will always make time for to keep me sane! Teaching group fitness classes inspires me - there is no greater... Read the profile >>

Collin Poole

Yoga Wanderer

My yoga path has been anything but normal. None of us are one dimensional, so why should our practice be? I'm an entertainer as well as a yoga instructor, so I'm a bit of a walking contradiction. That is, in it's own weird way, how I approach yoga. I've always believed that exploration of the body, mind and spirit involves laughter, mistakes, success and failure. I am so fortunate to have studied and trained under some of the most amazing teachers in Southern California. From the likes of Sean Corne, Baron Baptiste, Pattabhi Jois, Ana Forrest and Shiva Rea, I grew as a teacher and student at YogaWorks, Equinox and other private studios. I've been teaching since 2005 and still find something new and interesting to learn everyday. I approach my classes from a place of playfulness and... Read the profile >>

Luke D'Astoli


"As a personal trainer, I love coaching people who have always struggled with exercise. My favourite clients are those who have decided that they want to understand their body so that they can better manage it. I have always been drawn to movement and sport. As a young cricketer I had multiple stress fractures in my lower back and quickly realised the importance of moving with sound technique and looking after your body if you want to have a successful, active life. After fearing I might never be able to bowl again as a 20 year old, I went looking for answers and this year I was able to achieve my proudest sporting moment, captaining my cricket team, STC South Camberwell, to back-to-back premierships in the Eastern Cricket Association. My work as Director of Training at Acumotum... Read the profile >>

Nickie Hanley

Australian Yoga Academy

“I began my journey of Yoga in 1995 using the physical practice as a tool to remain supple for my professional dancing career. I soon found myself searching for more. By 2005 I had already realised meditation was also necessary for my own personal development and peace of mind. My regular meditation practice and deeper understanding for the connection to the physical practice led to doing 500 hour level yoga teacher training, where I studied asana, Pranayama and meditation further. Since being qualified as a yoga teacher, I have created my own unique style of Vinyasa flow. Due to my dance background and long time connection to music, I have developed an individual style that is smooth, strength building, continuously flowing and that has a spiritual awareness. I have a deep... Read the profile >>