Memphis : Regalia

Cate Plekon

Yoga Instructor - Midtown Yoga & Fogelman YMCA

Cate grew up on the Gulf Coast of Alabama and began practicing yoga there in 2003. She started her regular practice while healing from a bout with pneumonia and rediscovered its magic during the shift from college into the work force. “I learned quickly that yoga helped me open up to the changes that were taking place in my life, so I stuck with it!”

Cate had already committed herself to her first teacher training program when she was laid off from work during the global recession of 2009. “I took the layoff as a sign from the universe that I was supposed to commit more of myself to this practice, and I haven't looked back ever since.”

Through her studies of yoga and through personal experience, Cate has learned the value of maintaining a healthy practice both on and off the mat. “I've been teaching full-time now for several years and am reminded daily that my students are my greatest teachers.” You can find Cate teaching at Midtown Yoga in the Cooper-Young district, the Fogelman YMCA downtown and Hot Yoga Plus in East Memphis. Her classes range from restorative/deep stretch to heated, powerful vinyasa flow. Her intention is to incorporate strength-building techniques as well as nourishment, reflection and relaxation practices into her classes. Cate truly believes that there is some type of practice out there for every body and she has geared herself toward teaching a variety of styles.

“The role of yoga teacher is one that I hold close to my heart. Because the practice has had such a profound influence on my own life, my greatest wish is to share that light with others.”

Although much of her energy goes in to her yoga practice, Cate reserves plenty of steam for swimming, running and pumping iron at the gym. She's a self-proclaimed foodie, a Phish fanatic and a generally awesome individual.