South Miami

Aryan Rashed

JETSET Pilates

A UC-Berkeley and Stanford alum, equipped with a law degree, and now full-time resident of South Florida, Aryan was looking for an effective and efficient workout to fit into her busy days as a young, working professional. With a background in dance, running, and fitness, Aryan and her business partner introduced the Lagree Fitness system to the residents of Coral Gables, pioneering the perfect high-intensity fusion of cardio, balance, core and strength training, flexibility, and toning all in one 50 minute session. Aryan believes the JetSet method and ethic takes training to the next level and is enthusiastic about expanding JetSet to the South Florida community. Combining brains and fitness, Aryan also writes a column dedicated to health, wellness, exercise, and nutrition called,... Read the profile >>

Darren Weissman

Newton's Method

Darren Weissman was known as Doctor Dribble long before running marathons while dribbling two basketballs. He's been a basketball skills specialist and personal trainer since the year 2000. Renowned for his ball handling abilities, "Coach Darren" works with clients of all ages, from children to NBA players. Whether it's personal training or basketball lessons he instills in everyone the confidence needed for success. His unique combination of skills has opened many doors for philanthropy. At age 19 Darren instructed free basketball clinics at a homeless shelter. He then started coaching local recreational league basketball teams and eventually began an elite travel team not-for-profit. The team predominantly consisted of inner city children and provided them with an opportunity to earn... Read the profile >>

Megan Eastman

Bala Vinyasa Yoga

Megan is an E-Registered Yoga Teacher 200 and a member of the Yoga Alliance. Her trainings include: Green Monkey 200 hr, Bala Vinyasa's 200 hr, Baptiste Level 1 and currently in process of earning her 500 hr with Bala Vinyasa. "I started my yoga practice in 2007 to compliment my love of running. I soon realized I never regretted getting on my mat. No matter what I felt like before class, I ALWAYS left feeling better. It didn't take long for the practice to evolve from physical to something much deeper. Yoga touched my soul and changed my heart. Each time I step on my mat I gain the freedom to reflect on who I'm being, clear what's not serving me, and open up to the creation of my life. I believe in the power of yoga. My purpose is to help spread the truth that yoga is not a... Read the profile >>

Pablo Lucero

Corpo Yoga, Dharma Studio, and Equinox

At the impressionable age of 18, Pablo Lucero discovered meditation, and shortly thereafter found the physical practice of Yoga. Now, after years of dedication, he has refined the art of making the ancient practice of Yoga accessible to all. Through Miami’s “305 Spiritual Gangsters” training, he became particularly passionate about the benefits that Yoga Outreach programs can offer at-risk youth in prisons and detention centers. Today, Pablo imbues his Power Yoga classes with his own life experience and humor, infusing them with the same philosophy of holistic wellbeing that he applies to life in general, highlighting the potential we all have for personal transformation. He emphasizes bodily strength through an integrated system of physical poses (asana,) balances it with... Read the profile >>