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Aryan Rashed

A UC-Berkeley and Stanford alum, equipped with a law degree, and now full-time resident of South Florida, Aryan was looking for an effective and efficient workout to fit into her busy days as a young, working professional. With a background in dance, running, and fitness, Aryan and her business partner introduced the Lagree Fitness system to the residents of Coral Gables, pioneering the perfect high-intensity fusion of cardio, balance, core and strength training, flexibility, and toning all in one 50 minute session. Aryan believes the JetSet method and ethic takes training to the next level and is enthusiastic about expanding JetSet to the South Florida community. Combining brains and fitness, Aryan also writes a column dedicated to health, wellness, exercise, and nutrition called, “Legally Fit” and is frequently featured as an expert on several health and fitness forums. Outside the studio, Aryan has created a fitness program at the University of Miami Hospital for people with paralysis and participates in other community outreach programs, including volunteering at Rise Up Gallery, a nonprofit organization dedicated towards the cure for paralysis and works with the Sabrina Cohen Foundation dedicated to reversing paralysis. She has also created a fitness program for the blind and visually impaired