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Megan Eastman

Megan is an E-Registered Yoga Teacher 200 and a member of the Yoga Alliance. Her trainings include: Green Monkey 200 hr, Bala Vinyasa's 200 hr, Baptiste Level 1 and currently in process of earning her 500 hr with Bala Vinyasa.

"I started my yoga practice in 2007 to compliment my love of running. I soon realized I never regretted getting on my mat. No matter what I felt like before class, I ALWAYS left feeling better. It didn't take long for the practice to evolve from physical to something much deeper. Yoga touched my soul and changed my heart. Each time I step on my mat I gain the freedom to reflect on who I'm being, clear what's not serving me, and open up to the creation of my life.

I believe in the power of yoga. My purpose is to help spread the truth that yoga is not a luxury but a crucial, integrated process in the well being of society."