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Cody Patrick

Cody Patrick is a personal trainer and the owner of U-Fit Health and Performance; a luxurious personal training gym in South Beach Miami. Originally from Wyoming, Cody was a multi-sport athlete that had a passion for fitness from an early age. Cody attended University of Wyoming and after attaining his degrees he went to work for a company managing fitness onboard cruise ships all over the world. His success with that company brought him to Miami where he eventually got back to his passion of personal training. He decided to mix his knowledge of business management with his personal training and in 2010 he opened his first personal training studio. After a rapid success he expanded to his current facility where he trains the most elite trainers and works wit the finest clientele in Miami.
Aside from his business ventures, Cody is very active in the community. He participates in multiple charities, events and other activities around the city. He is an avid athlete and is currently training for the Ironman as well as participating in several smaller races throughout the year. Cody is a fitness enthusiast and loves to share his passion with everyone he meets.