Miami : Miami Beach Showroom

Michelle Berlin


Michelle began her path of yoga many years ago which transpired into teaching in 2007. Yoga has had a profound effect on shaping her goals towards a healthy lifestyle, physically, mentally, and emotionally. She wanted to pass on this sacred knowledge and encourage students to honor their bodies to bring them to their optimal health on and off the mat. Michelle has travelled to India, Thailand, and Bali to further her studies in understanding the complexity of yoga and the human body.
While in India, she studied at the Iyengar Himalayan Center to learn yoga therapy techniques to work with people with injuries. Complementing that avenue of yoga, she has completed several Thai bodywork trainings which she incorporates in her one on one yoga sessions. While staying deeply connected to yoga's deep roots, Michelle's classes are playful, progressive and dynamic, moving with the ever changing flow of the world we live in today.